As the pioneer of phytotheraphy company for allergic childern in Indonesia, Beauty Barn Indonesia produces preventive skin care, health care and home care from 100% natural ingredients that are safe, effective and affordable for allergic babies, toddlers, kids, tweens, moms, to be and nursing moms.

Beauty Barn was birthed from the strength of a mother’s love for her allergic prone child. Frustrated after finding that most products sold in stores were full of artificial components that could not treat, and some even aggravated, her baby’s condition, she started researching on phytotheraphy and try to formulate products using all natural ingredients.

Her main concern was to provide products that are safe for long term use on her allergic baby. She believed that the healing properties provided by mother nature will be of extreme benefits for her baby’s condition not only during the treatment phase but also for long term usage. Finally our founder succeeded in formulating products that are not only effective for taming and preventing her child’s recurring allergic flare ups but also suitable for Indonesia’s climate.